90-day money-back guarantee

This week marks three months since the beginning of the school year at Congregation Bet Haverim Community School.  When I reflect on everything I’ve learned and experienced serving as a rabbi at CBHCS since August, I have trouble believing it’s been only three months. My brain knows exactly how many days have passed—just a few too many to claim a 90-day money-back guarantee—and my heart is so filled with memories, it seems I must have collected them for years.

I want to share three highlights from the last three weeks:

On the last Sunday in October, I was a participant in our Family Minyan, sitting in the second row while Rabbi Josh led the service. It’s difficult to explain how valuable the experience of watching my colleague teach in my place was for me. I took copious notes, trying to capture everything he said and how the students and adults responded, and how he responded to their questions and comments. In the ceramics studio at camp, our catchphrase for how to learn was “watch one, do one, teach one.” What a gift to be able to step back from doing and teaching.

That same day we hosted Bob Bahr, a writer for the Atlanta Jewish Times, who interviewed some of our parents for an article about how Atlanta is serving interfaith families in the community. The following week, just as I was leaving town for a much-needed weekend away, the AJT arrived in my inbox, and I was delighted to read the stories our CBHCS parents had shared with him. I realize how fortunate I am to be working with such engaged, enthusiastic parents, who so readily embraced me and welcomed me into the CBHCS community.

We spent last Sunday with Chana Rothman, Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter, musical community organizer, and educator. From the first chords she strummed to open Family Minyan through the last words of her conversation with our parents, we were enchanted and enriched by her music and wisdom.

Who knows what the next 90 days will bring? I have a feeling they will be filled with joy and learning, and gratitude.