Adulting: A Reflection on Gratitude

In case you missed my post on the Rabbis Without Borders blog last week–perhaps you were enjoying Thanksgiving with your family–I’m sharing the link here. It’s always a good time to feel grateful:

Two months ago, I purchased a Dyson vacuum for my daughter for her 25th birthday. She was thrilled and posted about what great parents we were on Facebook, writing: “It’s a sign of adulting when you’re this excited about receiving an appliance as a birthday gift.”

This made me think about when I began adulting.

I was 22 years old when I packed one oversized suitcase and a canvas briefcase, and moved across the country. After six years as a student—four in college and two in graduate school—I was completely burnt out from taking tests and writing papers. I wanted to do something with my life besides sit in the library. Continue reading here.