Biblical Women: Emerging from the Margins through Midrash




This class has concluded! Watch this page to learn about courses beginning in August, 2022.


Biblical Women: Emerging from the Margins through Midrash (Melton Scholars Class)

In this ten-lesson course, newly developed by the Florence Melton School, learners will delve into reading classical and modern midrash, exploring some of the major female figures of the Bible, and gaining multiple perspectives on their characters, relationships, and choices. By utilizing the midrash’s strategy that reads texts very closely, the “behind the scenes” will be uncovered—clarifying issues that are seemingly unaddressed in the biblical text but can be found when looking for textual hints.  Learners will discover how the form and content of midrash changes as contemporary writers and artists add their interpretations to ancient traditions. In the fertile ground of midrashic study, these biblical women emerge from the margins of the biblical text becoming full characters whose legacies guide and inspire. Online class, open to the community (January-March 2022)