Although I sometimes attribute my interest in social justice to my having attended a Quaker college, my first foray into activism was attending a rally on behalf of Soviet Jews, known as refuseniks, who were being prevented from emigrating. I often feel called to take political action when the injustice feels personal. In recent years, I joined faith leaders in protesting the introduction of religious freedom bills in the state legislature, which would provide the state with a license to discriminate against LGBTQ+ Georgians. Every year I march in the Atlanta Pride Parade and raise funds to support SOJOURN. Last spring, I joined students and colleagues in the March for our Lives in Atlanta. Finally, this month I will be taking a trip with colleagues to Nogales, both to bear witness to the crisis at the border, as well as to offer humanitarian aid and support to families suffering separation and deportation.

Watch this page for updates and information about how you can help.