Mission on the Border

In my recent post on the Rabbis Without Borders blog, I share some stories from a recent immersion experience with the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales:

We are a group of ten rabbis and educators, organized by Rabbis Without Borders colleague Charles Arian and hosted by a Catholic organization whose vision is humane, just, workable migration between the U.S. and Mexico. We adopt the language of their mission and strive to fulfill it.

Humanize is to recognize the humanity and individuality of each person we encounter at the border.

Accompany is to be present with people on their journey. We cannot change their situations or solve their problems; we can listen, reassure them we care and they are not alone.

Complicate is to acknowledge the complexity of immigration. We cannot fathom its many legal, political and social nuances in a few days; we can begin to expand and change our own views as what we witness at the border complicates our understanding of immigration.

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