Newsletter (Spring 2022/Nisan 5782)

I’m finding my way back to blogging, following a 3 three-month hiatus that also included a six-week break from Facebook. During this time I created curricular units, source sheets and lesson plans; taught classes and facilitated book club discussions; read 21 books; and attended a weekly Spiritual Poetry Writing class. I’ve also been attending a Daf Yomi class on Sunday mornings and weekly weight lifting classes at Orangetheory Fitness, in addition to my regular workouts.

I’ve been busy and productive. I just didn’t post to the blog for a season.

Now I’m delighted to share my newsletter, From My Writer’s Notebook (Spring 2022/Nisan 5782), which contains more news and photographs of the things I mentioned above. If you haven’t already, please subscribe, using the form on the home page.