‘Tis the Season: Graduation

On the Rabbis Without Borders blog, a tribute to 3 rabbis who influenced me as a student and newly ordained rabbi and who continue to impact my teaching and my students today. Thanks to Micah B. and Micah R., rising juniors at The Weber School, who created the image and gave me permission to post it:

“Spring is graduation season. My Facebook feed is crowded with photos of my friends’ children in cap-and-gown garb, sporting smiles, and degrees from high schools, colleges, universities and professional schools all over the country…I love this time of year and—it will surprise no one who knows me to learn—I cry at every graduation I attend. I can’t help myself; I find the pomp and circumstance, arcane traditions and aspirational speeches fill me with both nostalgia for my own student days and hope for the future.” Continue reading here.