If you see something…do something! 

My recent post on the Rabbis Without Borders blog is a reflection on how an act of kindness from a stranger lifted my spirits after I fell:

My physical bruises are nearly healed. The swelling in my thumb is still noticeable but I have enough mobility to be able to write and type these sentences with only minor discomfort. When I fell, the pain was so great I cried out in anguish, like a wounded animal. Then, even as part of my brain was aware I was broken and bleeding, I was able to stand, unwind Luna’s leash from the fire hydrant, and keep running. Overcome as I was by fear for Willow, my recently rescued dog, when I glimpsed Hailey’s car slowly descending the hill and accompanying her, ensuring she stayed on the sidewalk, I found the strength to continue.

On that Shabbat afternoon, it was the adrenaline that allowed me to lift my body from the pavement. It was Hailey who restored my spiritual balance.

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