Although I sometimes attribute my interest in social justice to my having attended a Quaker college, my first foray into activism was attending a rally on behalf of Soviet Jews, known as refuseniks, who were being prevented from emigrating. I often feel called to take political action when the injustice feels personal.

In recent years, I joined faith leaders in protesting the introduction of religious freedom bills in the state legislature, which would provide the state with a license to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ Georgians. Every year I march in the Atlanta Pride Parade and raise funds to support SOJOURN. In spring 2018, I joined students and colleagues in the March for our Lives in Atlanta.

Photo Gallery (2016-2022)

In December 2018, I took a trip with colleagues to Nogales, both to bear witness to the crisis at the border, as well as to offer humanitarian aid and support to families suffering separation and deportation. Summer 2019 through summer 2020, I volunteered with the New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta, accompanying asylum seekers in immigration court, joined protests against the horrible conditions for immigrants and mourned the murder of so many Black Americans.

While we missed being able to celebrate and educate about justice in person during COVID, I was happy to be able to plant with Trees Atlanta in January 2020 and 2021, and delighted to be in Ottawa in August 2022 to celebrate Capital Pride Shabbat & Weekend with the Bayit Board and friends. I'm especially looking forward to marching in the Atlanta Pride Parade in October!

Nogales (December 17-19, 2018)


View from Shell gas station parking lot in Nogales, AZ

Reciting travelers’ prayer before crossing border

Walking across the border from Nogales, AZ to Nogales, Sonora

The Comedor at KINO Border Initiative (5-15)

Boarding bus to downtown Nogales, Sonora

View from highway overpass of cars and trucks waiting to enter U.S.

DeConcini Crossing in Nogales, Sonora (18-20)

Walking along the border wall in Nogales, Sonora (20-25)

Mariposa Crossing (26-27)

Journey through the Desert, Arivaca, AZ (28-40)

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